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Get Serious About Your Poetry in 2011

January 25, 2011

You write poetry. Maybe you even get brave and go to poetry open mics. Maybe you even get up the courage to actually get up and read. You like to write your poetry, but you feel a bit like Emily Dickinson, a hidden poet.

Well in 2011, come out as a poet and join a critique group. My Saratoga Poetry Focus Group has been running continuously for 21 years and counting. Our maximum of six poets per monthly meeting gets 30-45 minutes to read their poems, hear their poems read to them, get round-table critique for each poem, ask questions of the group, even tell the group what kind of critique they want. For example, when, like now, I am working on my poetry books, I ask for a 1-5 number on each poem I read only once. 1 is best trashed; 2 needs a lot of work; 3 needs work; 4 almost finished; and 5 finished. I can plow through lots of poems this way and get a feel for the response, especially with five people writing their numbers on each poem.

Some people ask questions about where to start getting published, where to find a printer, how to create a chap book, how to get a mainstream pubisher interested in pubishing them.

If you are local to Saratoga Springs, New York, give me a call and let me know where you are with your poetry and how the Saratoga Poetry Focus
Group may be able to help you move forward in the direction of your goals. Contact: Barbara Garro at


Celebrating 21 Years Running The Saratoga Poetry Focus Group

December 30, 2010

Imagine we poets coming together around the cherry table for 21 years and counting! And, wow, have we poets published poetry books, some handmade, some illustrated with art, some with seasonal themes in sets of four, some for family and friends, most for sale.

What makes the group special is the poetry and the wonderful round table critique to polish the poems for publication.

All poets are invited to submit ten pages of poetry to be considered to join the group that meets the third Wednesday of each month, barring holidays, from 9-Noon sharp! Call 518-587-9999 if you are interested.

Now, for some exciting news! Dystenium will be publishing its first ever poetry/art book of my poems and fine art together in January 2011. I am beyond excited to see my two creative activities paired. Stay tuned. I am waiting for the galley expected in December and I am hoping to see it tomorrow or Friday.