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What Makes a Poet Great?

August 13, 2010

Sitting in Fastig-Tipton’s beautiful facility in Saratoga Springs, New York, at the annual National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony, I listened to the greats among the greatest trainers, jockeys and owners. I discovered that greatness is achieved in the very same way by those who aspire to it whether they are writing poetry or racing horses.

Garro on Greatness–

1.  Greatness is not a moment, but many moments of greatness of never being satisfied that begins in early childhood with those who provided inspiration or at least did not get in the way.

2.  The greats have the ability to work through challenges and not screw up.

3.  The greats possess the motivation of the force of hard work to bring out the best in themselves.

4.  Mere talent is not enough. The greats possess talent, toughness and tenacity with enough endurance to achieve success, however long it takes.

5. Most of all, the greats have a desire to say about their lives at the end of their days, “Well done!”

Life is a horse race. At any given moment or second, anything can happen. Those who have prepared are ready to deal with it.