Compassion for Mothers Children Reject

Mother’s Day becomes a sad day for mothers who love their children who ignore, reject, defame, criticize and feel no gratitude for their sacrifices to raise them. The Bible says, “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.”  Some children do not abide by that and Mother’s Day becomes a day when they see so many mothers honored by their children, hear about so many mothers honored by their children, and find it hard to tell people who ask that their children will not be spending Mother’s Day with them.

A Mother’s Lament

What made me become small in your eyes, child?

How I strain to keep up my hope

to feel dear and gently addressed.

I seek connection of breadth and scope—

to feel by your love again caressed.

Still, even with abandonment’s horrors,

I see more to my life than this wait.

I come to my days arising, sans sorrows,

and, most days, I allow your hate.

I hold a mother’s love that never dies,

refusing to join you in your rage,

disciplining myself to secret cries,

finding strength in God, my Holy Sage.

Will I ever again grow large in your eyes, child?

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Know that you did the best you could. Keep praying for their stone hearts to soften.


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